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Frequent Asked Questions

How would I guarantee the quality of the car?
• We will provide you with the vehicle VIN number if you choose to in order for you to run a car history check. • We will inspect the car and do our due diligence before buying the car for you.
• We will inspect the car for Engine, Transmission, Electrical, Frame and Mechanical problems before we transfer ownership to you.
• We encourage you to inspect the car with your own mechanic or service center after you take possession of the vehicle. If there is a major defect in the car, it will be subject to arbitration within three days from purchase date.

Would I be able to inspect, see, run engine before I buy it?
• YES, you will be able to. We will tell you where the vehicle is located so we can arrange to have you look at the car and check it out before we purchase it for you. Many of our customers are so happy with our service that they trust our judgment on repeat purchases.

Do you offer a warranty for the cars you sell?
• We offer warranty on all of our cars (for an additional cost). Our warranty is provided in four different options, giving you flexibility to match your needs.
Package 1 – “The Basics” - Power Train, transmission and Drive Axle components
Package 2- The Basics of Package 1 and added coverage on the engine cooling system, brake system, electrical, power-steering and suspension.
Package 3- The Basics and Package 2 plus the Fuel system and Air Conditioning coverage.
Package 4- “The Max” – This comprehensive warranty covers all of the above plus many more features too numerous to list here..

How about pricing? How much I would be saving?
• The rule of the thumb is that you will be getting you will be saving $2,000 to $4,000 dollars versus retail value for the same car. We charge a simple commission for our own fee which is included.

Do you provide Financing? How would it work?
• No, we do not provide financing at the present time. However, credit unions seem to be providing the best rates at the present time. Before we buy a vehicle for you, we encourage you to apply for a car loan with a credit union and get pre-approved. After providing us with a deposit, we will purchase your car for you. You can then provide the lending bank the VIN number and related car information to process. Upon receipt of payment from the lender, we will then release the car to you.

How about registration? Would you register the vehicle for me?
• We are licensed in New Jersey. So if you live in our state we will collect sales tax of 7% of the net sale of the car and register the vehicle for you for a standard fee. Otherwise, we will provide you with an out of state temporary registration and the necessary paperwork. You will then register the vehicle in your state of residence and also pay the applicable taxes.

How long would it take to locate and purchase a vehicle?
• It will take about one to three weeks to locate most requested cars.

Do I have to commit with you before you locate and find my vehicle?
• No. We will not ask for any commitment until you like what we provide you with in a car and you are ready to purchase.

Do you only deal locally?
• No, We can ship the car to you in the U.S. or internationally. Please contact us for shipping costs.

Do you have anyone that I can use as a reference?
• Yes. Please contact us and we will provide you with some contact info for our satisfied customers.


We Locate : We find the car you are looking for through a variety of different wholesalers.


We Inspect : We screen out problems in the Engine, Transmission, Mechanical, Electrical and Frame to ensure the highest quality.


We Warrantee : If needed, we offer an extended warranty as an option for interested buyers.


We are Licensed : As a licensed dealer, you can rest assured you’re not dealing with a fly-by-night operation.


We Save you hard-earned money! Why spend more than you have to?
Our staff consists of experienced car buying experts who have negotiated deals on every type of vehicle in the U.S. We know the ins and outs on rebates and incentives the dealers would rather not tell you about, and instead we pass these savings onto you.
Our focus is as much on your convenience as it is on price. Friendly and knowledgeable car buying consultants from Quality Car Dealer are at your service throughout the process and ready to assist you to make your vehicle purchase a satisfying experience.